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This book is dedicated to all the rescue animals, volunteers and organisations who work so hard to save lives.

Every cent from the sale of this book goes into GOSAC – Give Our Strays A Chance charity and therefore, directly to helping the animals. 

It took me 2 years to write this book while studying for my ATAR exams, my dad illustrated it and my mum designed the cover. Carolyn J. Cox volunteered her professional services to proofread the book. No one was paid, because we all believe that this is a worthy cause. 

Bendigo Bank (Community Bank Canning Vale) have made it happen with their amazing partnership offer.

This book is the perfect combination of a story which describes the life in the pound and a rescue adventure that follows. 
It is also an excellent aid for parents, teachers and educators to talk to kids about acting and making a difference in our world.

The book is full of information about animal rescue.

It will make a great present for kids and teenagers.