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Saving The World BOOK


Saving The World – One Stray At A Time


Dean was 10 years old when his world changed forever.
He realised a stray dog is about to be euthanised and needed his help.
This prompted a chain of events which not only affected and changed Dean’s life but also the entire West Australian Animal Rescue community.

Saving The World–One Stray At A Time is a story about a stray dog in a pound and a boy trying to make a difference.
It is also a guide showing step by step how anyone can use leadership and perseverance to change the world and save lives.

The book is a call to action and ideal for kids, adults and educators.
Teaching empathy, compassion, animal welfare, the book is a great tool to initiate discussion.

YOU can change the world!

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Dimensions 21.0 × 14.8 × 0.6 cm

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