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This is to thank all the businesses who helped me along the way. I couldn’t have done it without you!

Forest Lakes Shopping Centre

For all your support and sponsorship! You are amazing!!!

Natsales Advertising

For donating advertising spots around Perth and amazing posters!

Premiair Aviation

For the donations and support. You have a great company!


Forest Lakes

For supporting me from the first day and ever since.

Captain Cook

Cruises WA

Thank you for an amazing GOSAC DAY prize!


Forest Lakes

for being so supportive and always encouraging

Jesson Flowers

For donating HUGE hampers, for being animal lovers and for supporting GOSAC.

Get Barked

Dylan and Ashleigh for donating and all your support

Pen Australia

for helping out with GOSAC pens!

The WA Museum

For donating Maritime Museum tickets!


for supporting GOSAC and donating to my raffle

Kelly’s Cafe

and All Palms Garden Centre

For the awesome GOSAC DAY donations!

Physiotherapy West

Canning Vale

For the great voucher for GOSAC DAY

Simple Solutions

Accounting Services

For your awesome donation


your hampers for GOSAC DAY are amazing

Light House photography

by Cyrus

Especially Cyrus and Rebacca for your support.

Harvey Fresh

For donating puppy and kitten milk (and opening up especially for me)

Lynda Hayley

Who donated beautiful hampers for GOSAC DAY.

Mr Henderson thank you for the awesome design of my logo!

Promo 2U

Mr Lawrence Caruana thank you so very much for the pens!

Oswald Legal

Awesome lawyers who are helping GOSAC raise donations

The Jewellery studio


For all your help

Gliding Club of WA

For donating a flight to my raffle!!


For supporting GOSAC and donating vouchers for my raffle

West Coast Propellers

The amazing Steve Ashley for donating

Martin Printing

For the amazing writeup

Century 21

Forest Lakes

Amanda Gray thank you for donating to GOSAC DAY

Regal Nails

Forest Lakes

For being so happy to donate- Thank you Ne!

Woolworths Forest Lakes

Thank you for supporting GOSAC


Forest Lakes

For the awesome voucher for GOSAC DAY

All Wrapped Up

For the great hampers

Clockwork printing

For helping me out with GOSAC posters


For donating yummy burgers for GOSAC DAY winners

Mazzega’s Mitre 10

Thank you Glen for donating and wanting to help in the future!!!

Earth Wind Fire Hair

For donating vouchers for my GOSAC day raffle!

Bunnings Madington

For donating a big gift voucher!

Rural Fencing

For donating a pet enclosure and helping me purchase more


For choosing my campaign to be on your TV show and donating to GOSAC.

The Environmental Printing Company

For donating 2 years in a row and supporting GOSAC!! They make the best looking flyers!!

the Animal Dermatology Clinic

For your donation

Better Pets and Gardens


Stephen - thank you for always supporting GOSAC!

Goodlife Health

Forest Lakes

For always supporting me!

Allpet Products

for helping with GOSAC Day

Forest Lakes Pharmacy

For your raffle donations

Millers Forest Lakes

For always donating to GOSAC DAY

The Little Print shop

For donating a GOSAC sign

Classic Hire


Always helping and supporting me everytime I needed help with deliveries

WorldWide Printing


For donating a big cheque! to give the Armadale Community Animal Rescue

Rivergods Kayaking

For donating a tour for GOSAC DAY

Leisure Inn

For donating to GOSAC DAY!

The Pink Duck

Bar & Bistro

Thank you for the help with GOSAC DAY!



For donating materials for a GOSAC donations crate.

Quality Press

For donating AMAZING flyers!

My Crafty Dog

Best dog vest for Hooch! "I'm adopted but my friends need homes"


Helping stray puppies and kittens with milk, colostrum and the good oil!

The Reject Shop

For helping out with supplies for puppies!!


Helping out with toys for SAFE Perth's kennels!

Cockburn ARC

For the support and donation of raffle prize for my GOSAC DAY raffle

Kart World

For donating raffle prize for GOSAC DAY!

Alex Hotel

For donating raffle ticket for GOSAC DAY!

Big Deal Touring

For donating tickets for GOSAC DAY raffle!


For donating a prize for my raffle!

Astor Theatre

For supporting GOSAC and donating tickets for my raffle!

Laser Corps

For donating raffle prizes for GOSAC DAY!!!

The Pink Deli

For sponsoring GOSAC at the Kelmscott Show

City Farmers Canning Vale

For always donating and helping

Curtin FM

Thank you Jenny Seaton for having me on your show to talk about the strays

Lakers Tavern

For donating vouchers towards GOSAC DAY raffle