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Hey Dean, my classmate, and friend. I was in Student Services and I saw a familiar face on a poster at the corner of my eye. You are one truly inspiring person! I’m proud of you! Keep up the good work!

Looking for a new dog 🙂

Hi Dean, My Facebook friend Vivian gave me your website address. I want to say that you should be proud of this great site and what you are doing to promote the adoption and fostering of vulnerable animals! We have adopted our dogs all our lives and have always given them a great life full of love and kindness. It is sad to know they might not have been treated very well in the past, but it\’s not how you start, it\’s how you finish! And you are working so hard to make sure all these animals have a great finish! Your parents and friends must be very proud indeed! Keep up the great work! Cheers, Wendy

Love your work

I am inspired by you and would love to help out in any way. My 11 year old daughter would love to give you a hand as well, maybe hand out some flyers at her school, Yale Primary. Keep up the great work, you are a star.

You’re amazing

i just want to let you know I’m sooooo jealous of you! you’re amazing! I see you have some events in June on Sunday’s hopefully I can help out if you need helpers:) well done you’re doing the dogs and the world a favour!


Hey! My dad owns the enviro printing company and megan told me to have a look at what your doing here! Your amazing! So lovely to see how much good your doing for these dogs. Keep up the good work!


Hello. I just wanted to say I heard you speaking at your Graduation Assembly today and thought you were great! I was curious as to what the web address you held up was…and here I am! I think it’s inspirational to see young people, like yourself, taking an interest and trying to make a difference in this world. Good job, well done and Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Great Cause

Hi Dean, I’m in NY. I’m a member of a couple Animal Shelter programs here. I really like what you’re doing in Australia to help animals in need. Very Admirable. Keep up the great work!

Just a hello and well done

I think you are going places, and improving this world. No idea now what I was doing at the same age as you are now, but I know it was not like this. Suggestion: date your posts, and make semi regular updates so the site doesn’t go ‘stale’. Do the ‘day’ next year. Tell us how many people tell you they remember the same thing from what will then be ‘last year’. Tell us then how much bigger it is.

Well done from Canada

Our teacher told us to look at your work. We are all inspired by you and want to do something similar. Thank you for sharing. Sienna from Canada


Hi Dean I go to ur school, and I was handing out flyers at school. I was wondering if we Emily and I can help out at the shops….. Well if you need help but we really are inspired in you because we love animals so if u do just contact the email..


Hi I read the story about Hooch`s …it sounds familiar, I was a dog, cat and bird rescuer for 32 years. It will be nice to send your website to my friend on Facebook but there is no link. How can I help you from distance? I live in California. Wishing you all the best. Ill send your web to my granddaughters in Canada B.C. Continue with your mission we need more young people like you. Lea

Fantastic work you’re doing Dean!

Hi Dean, I’m very impressed with your passion for helping animals and being active towards making a difference! I think the work you have done here is amazing and I can see that with this much dedication and commitment you will achieve well beyond what you hope for so there will be many furry friends with a brighter future because of you! Here is the link to our beautiful boy Harlem when I found him on Pet Rescue four years ago (“Arnold”): He is very much a loved member of our family and I am happily donating to your cause to help another little orphan have a better future while finding it’s way to a loving new family. Pets may not speak our verbal language but your story proves that if we all really “listen” they convey a voiceless message we can all understand, they need our help not our ignorance! These lost and abandoned treasures deserve so much better than what poor Hooch and others have to endure and with more people like you this sad story will undoubtedly change for the positive. Well done Dean, you are a very inspiring young man and I look forward to the world we will have when you change it! Kind Regards, Claire 🙂

Deans project

Dear dean, i am a friend of your grand mother in ashdod. i received your email and i want to encourage you to continue the wonderful work that you are doing. well done!! i wish you a very happy pesah! a sensitive boy like you can make a big difference by being an example for other people! thank you for the great things that you are doing!


Hi Dean Love the website with the nifty collar and leash border. Most of all enjoyed seeing your beautiful dog Hooch, happy and well cared for. 🙂

Thank you

Thank you for being a voice for animals. You are an inspiration to all kids. Well done young man.


This is a very inspiring speech! Well Done!


REPLY Hi Dean thank you…. you are inspiration to so many young people like you . i am wishing you successful journey .. dogs and cats are lucky having some one like you . all the best ( from Los Angeles)

Hi Dean, this is Jamie your cousin, I really like what you are doing and I don’t like animals being kept in Dark pounds. I hope all the animals get adopted. You are a great cousin. Jamie

Hello Dean, I think that you are a very special individual who is fighting for a worthy cause. I dislike animal cruelty and it is wonderfully inspiring to see how much work and effort you have put into helping these stray animals. They may not have a voice to say thank you for your actions but I will certainly say thank you for what you are doing and for being such a kind hearted person. Best of luck with GOSAC day! Miss Bee ^_^ Btw , Hooch is adorable and is a real character 🙂

Hi Dean, I think you should keep up your work cuz what your doing is great man. From Raf #CUTE DOG