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During my GOSAC campaign I have had an amazing journey.
I got to talk to so many wonderful people and businesses. I never imagined GOSAC would grow so big.
I would like to share some of the stories that happened during my campaign:

  • GOSAC day was the day before Mother’s day.
    A kind woman came up to us and told us that her mum died this year and this is the first year she isn’t buying a mother’s day present.
    She decided instead to donate to GOSAC and to the animals.
  • I went to  Bankwest in Forest lakes with my mum to convert the donations into notes. The bank teller, Charmaine decided to donate her own money to GOSAC, I didn’t even ask!
  • I sent a $50 gift voucher to one of my raffle winners. 2 days later I received a card in the mail with a cheque in it. The very kind winner decided to return half of the amount of the voucher to the Armadale Community Animal Rescue Group! What an amazing lady!
  •  A woman asked to talk to me, she saw me in the newspaper and came all the way from Roleystone to meet me and donate to GOSAC. Another man wanted to tell me that he came especially to donate from the other side of the city after watching my interview.
  • Someone recognised me from the newspaper while I was out with my mum and stopped us wanting to donate.

During my travels to the USA I met an American music teacher become singer – Mrs Laura Tovar.
Laura was so excited by GOSAC, she decided to write a song about it. 
So here is the song GO GO GOSAC. Thank you Laura from me and all the animals!

HOOCH’s Story

I chose to do my PEAC project on raising awareness of adopting and donating to animal shelters because of my dog Hooch, he was in the pound and we rescued him.
He was going to be put down, only because no one wanted him.
When we first saved Hooch, he could hardly walk and mostly would lie down sleeping.
He got sick when we first gave him food because he wasn’t used to it. He was so skinny, his skin was hanging off of him.
He hadn’t seen the light of day for over a month, the pound was completely dark with no windows.
Hooch has a scar around his mouth looking like someone tied a fishing line around it for a long time.
It was heart breaking. Hooch then inspired me to run this campaign.
In the pounds, animals are stuck in a small, tight cage and their muscles become under developed.
After awhile they get put down.
All because we breed too many, it is our fault! Instead of buying a dog, why not go to your local shelter or pound and save a life.
In winter the animals in pounds and shelters are cold, in big brick buildings with no light and in summer they are really cooking hot.
I want to help innocent animals and maybe save lives.
hooch cage